About Us
Mcleanics Corporation (Mcleanics) is a technology corporation with a primary goal of researching and developing electronic communication and computer software programs aimed at wireless internet communication services.

Our name “Mcleanics” is derived from “Mclean Internet Communication Services.” In 2001, our current shareholders started out by manufacturing personal computers (PCs) under the brand "National Machine and Computer Corporation" (NMAC); thereafter, our current shareholders decided to rebrand by chartering as Mcleanics Corporation and to change Mcleanics' mission from that of PCs to internet communication services.

In 2018, Mcleanics became licensed and registered as a "Telecommunication Carrier" with the FCC, which enables Mcleanics to expand its offerings and to provide a wide variety of communication products and services on a nationwide basis.
Our current mission is: “To bring you tomorrow's Technology today!” 

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